Breakout 1A: Connecting Internationally – A Macros Social Work Perspective

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(Cross Cultural CE)

International social work or global social work deals with universal problems experienced by people around the world. What skills do you need to have to be an international social worker? In this session we will address what international environmental justice causes social workers should be focused on, how we can address these problems in our everyday lives, and what we do once we are in the field. Cultural competence is of the utmost importance when working with clients and organizations from other countries. As social workers – where do we start?

Michael Cronin, PhD, LCSW

Associate Professor

Monmouth University School of Social Work


11/01/2023 at 1:15 PM (EDT)  |  90 minutes
11/01/2023 at 1:15 PM (EDT)  |  90 minutes